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Summer Farewell



 Ahhh, summer, I will remember you well. Long after you are gone, I will hear the sweet symphony of songbirds welcoming the dawn; the gossamer wind touching my skin; the fragrant smell of wildflowers blanketing rural fields; the sun gently kissing the back of my neck. Such beauty you have brought into my life. Even when time passes and memories fade, I will reminisce of your peaceful, idyllic beauty. This will be my sweet remembrance of summer past.

But summer, you have only just ended and memories of you are still clearly etched in my mind.

Arghhh, summer, I will remember you well. Long after you’re gone, the ear-bleeding sound of my neighbours’ 1 million hp lawnmower will continue reverberating in my head from the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the night. I’ll get choked up (literally) when I think of the smell of rotting compost in my green bin, in 30°C heat, bubbling up into a vile witches’ brew of putrid proportions, wafting into my house through open windows. For months, I’ll gently touch the back of my neck with silky lotions, in an attempt to coax moisture back into the skin- seared to a crispy parchment-like casing, from one foolish venture outside without sunscreen, umbrella or lead vest. Summer, what would I do without you? Even with all your foibles and weather eccentricities, I look forward to you after slogging through 8 months of Canadian winter. Good-bye summer, see you next year.


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